LPR offers prebuilt solutions that address general problems in the area of material handling and industrial automation. These have been designed to be customized to specific environments. We leverage our time-tested sensor interfaces and proprietary 3D perception software stack to ensure performance and reliability in the field. Our prebuilt applications include: 


Pick-and-Drop System (PDS)

LPR offers a closed-loop PDS for moving pallets. Our software solves both the pick-side of moving palletized materials as well as safely dropping them into a rack location. This software runs directly upon the ifm O3D ToF camera, so no external computation is required.


Full-Layer Depalletization (DPAL)

DPAL solves the problem of localizing the top-layer of a pallet stack. It integrates with the path-planning system of a commercial robot arm. All of this is done in real-time, minimizing stoppages and keeping the robot in motion.


3D Localization (AGV3D)

AGV3D is a drop-in localization solution for AGVs. It employs the latest in 3D LIDAR technology to segment natural features as landmarks. This eliminates the need to build out additional infrastructure such as guidelines, or reflectors.

Custom Application Development

Industrial robotics is a highly fragmented market and most applications are niche-specific. LPR is uniquely positioned to build custom solutions for our clients' specific needs. By leveraging our experience and industry-tested technology stack, projects that might take several man-years to develop under a traditional model will be completed in a small fraction of the time. In addition, our close relationships with sensor manufacturers allow us to quickly assess the feasibility of even the most demanding projects with a high degree of confidence.


Sensor Interfaces

Sensor selection is the critical first step in building a perception solution. Recent advances in 3D imaging technology have opened up possibilities to solve problems in the industrial market that were previously unapproachable. LPR has engaged deeply with 3D sensor vendors and has developed product-ready sensor interfaces to several popular devices. Additionally, we have open-sourced the core sensor interfaces to the ifm pmd-based ToF cameras. Numerous companies around the world are conducting research and building products on top of this software. LPR and ifm engage with customers openly on Github to resolve issues or integrate new features. The software is field-proven and ready for production.

Love Park Robotics is a strategic technology partner of ifm efector and has worked closely with them to create the sensor interfaces for their O3D and O3X Time-of-Flight cameras.