Edge-computing perception software for industrial users


LPR's technology stack is the result of decades of experience in developing 3D perception applications. We build fast, intelligent applications that are designed for use in industrial environments. Our high-performance applications minimize or eliminate dwell time during a typical cycle, maximizing productivity.

The entire LPR technology stack is written in modern C++. This delivers several critical benefits, including:

  • High performance. 3D perception is both computationally expensive and taxing to the memory subsystem. Writing our applications in modern C++ affords us a direct map to the hardware and zero-overhead abstractions.
  • Clean integration within a robotics software stack. Our technology easily integrates into both proprietary and open-source robotics platforms, including ROS.  Its distributed architecture allows for fast and flexible application development and deployment.

Sensor Interfaces
At the lowest level of our stack are the open-source sensor interfaces. Product Engineers can access the data stream from within ROS or a standard C++ API. We have designed the sensor interfaces for use in real-world, industrial environments and for inclusion into commercial products.

Application / Algorithm Development
LPR solutions are characterized by:

  • Open Source. We are heavy users of and advocates for OpenCV, PCL, and ROS. These frameworks have been validated by the global robotics community for over a decade. Each employs a business-friendly software license.
  • Proprietary Software. Our proprietary 3D perception software builds upon these open-source frameworks to enable purpose-built solutions for our industrial customers.
  • Real-world Industry Experience. Off-the-shelf "black box" software solutions are often insufficient. Where others fail, we leverage our decades of industry experience to field production-ready systems.

Systems Integration
LPR's focus is in the development of next generation industrial perception solutions. However, robotics applications are not limited to perception. LPR has full-stack robotics experience, deep understanding of the interplay between subsystems, and works with customers on delivering a complete solution. 

Application Data Exhaust
Our applications produce a valuable “data exhaust” that can be streamed to clients’ IIoT platforms. Example areas where this data could be used include preventive maintenance and enhanced inventory management.